Windhoek Dog Club in Windhoek-Avis - Dog Training for everybody

This is the Club for all Dog Friends in Windhoek, who would like to have fun and train their dogs.
Every dog of any age, breed or size is welcome.

We offer courses in puppy training, obedience and agility. Several times during the course of the year, we hold shows with South African judges so you see how well your dog is doing and see what is available for dogs in Namibia. If you would prefer not to compete but just teach your dog every day obedience you are also welcome.
The dogs learn how to behave around other dogs, people and small children.

For those of you who only want to have fun and meet nice people with the same interest in dogs, the Windhoek Dog Club ist also the right place.
After the training there is always time to socialise for people and dogs, snacks and drinks are sold at the clubhouse.

Our Club Grounds are on Avis Street, on your right hand side if you are going to Avis Dam.

Puppy training

Every monday evening from 17h30 to 19h00 is socialization and training time for young puppies (as from 10 days after the second vaccination)


Obedience/ Agility training

On Wednesday evenings we offer a combination of Obedience and Agility for dogs 6 months and older

Agility Training

Agility for Beginners on Thursdays and for Advanced dogs/handlers on Friday

Coming Events

Whats on at the Windhoek Dog Club?