We offer Canine Good Citizen Tests for Puppies (4-9 months),  Bronze, Silver and Gold.

It is an easy test where you can prove that your dog has a good behaviour around people and other dogs and that you can control him in situations, where he is excited.

The handler and dog are exposed to every-day situations like waiting alone for a very short time without barking or getting crazy, following the handler on a loose leash without pulling, coming when called, play and relax again, allowing somebody (like the vet) to examine the body, ears etc, jumping into the car, walking through a gate and others.

These are things that make the living together with your dog so much easier - for both of you.

At the Windhoek Dog Club we help you to prepare your dog for the Canine Good Citizen tests and several times per year we offer to test and evaluate your progress. You can not fail at the CGC tests, if your dog is not ready yet for all exercises, you can just repeat what did not work yet the next time.

There are four levels for CGC: Puppy, Bronze, Silver and Gold and for each one you receive a beautiful rosette and a certificate.

Please ask your trainer for more details.