Please note that these show regulations are according to the constitution of Kusa (Kennel Union of South Africa) as of January 2019. They are only a guideline for overall understanding of the rules for our shows as they are all under license of Kusa.

As Kusa can amend or change these regulations at any time, please refer to the Kusa Website directly to be on the safe side. We will try to keep these documents all the time correct but only the regulations on the Kusa website are the official ones!

The extra categorie "Special Beginners" in Obedience and "Elementary" in Agility are not official classes! This is only club-internal to give new handlers a feeling of what to expect from a show. The dogs therefore do not need to be registered with Kusa to take part at our "Special Beginners" or "Elementary" classes. To take part at any other class the full regulations of Kusa need to be followed.