On Wednesday evenings, all dogs that are 6 months and older are welcome. Classes from new beginners up to more advanced dogs and handlers are offered.

The  focus lays on socialising and playing, motivation, trustbuilding between dog and owner, basics like sit, down, heal work.


Please note that we have installed a 8-week-course system for our beginners classes on Wednesdays. To allow for progression during the courses no participants will be allowed to join during the courses (after the second week). Only for the advanced classes it is possible to join in - please check this with your trainer.

You find the dates when the new courses start in the bottom of this page under "coming events".

Socialization is from 17h30 where the dogs are mingling and learn to interact in a friendly way with each other. For very fearful or potentially aggressive dogs, our trainers will assist to avoid any unpleasant incidents (please contact us in advance). Our trainers will respond to your questions and assist with whatever comes up.

Classes start at 18h00 in several groups depending on the level of the dog and handler. Obedience like sit, down and stay, walking on a leash, coming when called are taught. But also more advanced exercises like send away, retrieve and scent discrimination are explained and trained. Half of the time is used for agility  training with jump combinations, tunnels, dog walk, A-frame, tyres etc. A great way to have fun and build a team with your dog.

For questions please send an email to info@windhoekdogclub.com